Manu Dawber

+64 22 303 8538


  • api‑development
  • application‑monitoring
  • automated‑deployment
  • ci‑cd
  • cloud‑architecture
  • containerisation
  • data‑visualisation
  • microservice‑architecture
  • system‑administration


  • linux
  • bash
  • go
  • python
  • amazon‑web‑services
  • google‑cloud‑platform
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • jenkins
  • elastic‑stack


Integration Consultant @ EnterpriseIT

  • Extensive use of the Elastic stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats). I've deployed and managed Elasticsearch with many of our customers across a number of use cases: app search, infrastructure and application monitoring, log aggregation and management, anomaly detection, security, alerting.
  • Developed Go APIs to expose a travel booking system to various online travel agents (Expedia, Tripadvisor, etc.); these run on Kubernetes and are monitored with Elasticsearch. I've also developed APIs using AWS API Gateway and Lambdas.
  • Automated the deployment of public facing Silverstripe applications following a blue-green deployment pattern. This involved rebuilding our customers AWS infrastructure from scratch using CloudFormation, and building a blue-green deployment pipeline with Jenkins and Bash.
  • Designed and built the infrastructure for a customers data warehouse; automated via Jenkins and CloudFormation.
  • Administration and support for many platforms including Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, MuleSoft, Tyk API Gateway; comfortable with Linux and Bash.

Systems Analyst @ Westpac

  • Administered and managed Westpac's observability tools: Elasticsearch and Dynatrace. I was responsible for running the systems as well as helping Westpac's application teams adopt the tools from agent installation and data parsing through to data visualisation and alerting.
  • Automated deployment and management of these tools using Chef.
  • Administered the internal HR tool that handled performance reviews, this was run on Docker using Docker Compose.

Technology Intern @ Westpac

  • Identified and executed cost savings opportunities within Westpac's IT infrastructure spending through a variety of initiatives:
    • analysed server usage statistics and right-sized or decommissioned servers,
    • wrote Chef cookbooks for common server builds,
    • conducted an internal competition to encourage staff to clean up their servers and personal drives to save on storage costs.

Junior Front-end Developer @ Ubiquity

  • Provided internal technical support to Ubiquity staff, mainly helping with Windows problems and IT hardware setup or troubleshooting.
  • Developed eDMs for Ubiquity clients: converting Photoshop assets into responsive mobile-friendly email templates.
  • Designed and developed an overhaul of the Ubiquity website: introduced a modern visual aesthetic, implemented SEO optimisations, and improved the deployment process by automating code pre-processing (SASS) and dependency resolution (Gulp).


Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

Elastic Certified Engineer


Bachelor of Science @ The University of Auckland

Major in Computer Science and Psychology